Where can I find the links to MoChanji and TWGC?

As a Social Network Marketing shop owner, log in to ETMall website>Member>New Network Social Network Marketing>EMI Affiliates

How do I shop on TWGC?

Simply go to the website, choose desired items and enter buyer's information.

Do I get PV when I shop on TWGC?

PV generated from shopping on TWGC will be calculated once the gift card is redeemed after payment. PV will then be added into your account.

How do I shop on MoChanji?

After you complete the MoChanji member registration, you can buy gift cards or upgrade to VIP member before you make a purchase.

What are the benefits after I registered as MoChanji member through ETMall link?

1."Social Network Marketing User" registered as general member will receive 1 MoChange Token.
2. Registered through "Social Network Marketing User" profit-sharing link and complete TWD1,290 payment to upgrade to VIP4 member, member will receive 3 MoChange Tokens​ and PV11, the PV will be on the unpaid report the next day.
※ Any member who pays to upgrade to VIP4 member with only MoChange Token would not receive PV11 benefit. A VIP4 member would receive 20 additional MoChange Tokens.

Is profit-sharing PV calculated when MoChanji gift cards are bought through ETMall links?

MoChanji gift card is sold after discount, so there would be no profit-sharing PV.

Please contact Mohist Web Technology for TWGC and MoChanji or MoChanji points/MoChange Token related question.

Mohist Web Technology 02-27483899; 09:00-12:00, 13:30-18:30​ Monday to Friday (Except for national holidays)