What's the order when using Mori Beauty skincare products?

Step 1. Moisturizing Cleansing Cream - removes makeup thoroughly 
Step 2. Moisturizing Cleanser - mild cleansing 
Step 3. Whitening Toning Extract - pre-moisturizer
Step 4. Whitening Essence - enhance skin condition
Step 5. Whitening Cream Extract - locks in hydration with whitening effect
Step 6. Whitening Under Base - blocks and protects skin from UV light
Step 7. SPF30 Multi-Protective Sunscreen ★★★- sunscreen & protection

Which skin types suit Mori Beauty skincare?

Mori Beauty is for all skin types, especially for those who wish to have brighter, fairer, and dewy skin.

I don't wear makeup on a regular basis, do I need to wash my face with Moisturizing Cleansing Cream?

When dealing with heavy air pollution, you need Whitening Under Base and SPF30 Multi-Protective Sunscreen ★★★ in the daytime to block out UV light and polluted air. We suggest to use Moisturizing Cleansing Cream to cleanse your skin. Its mild enzyme formula would cleanse your skin gently, leaving a refreshing touch. 

I already wear sunblock in the day time, why do I need Mori Beauty Whitening Under Base?

The Whitening Under Base contains multiple herbal extracts that help to retain hydration and repair skin. The invisible skin protection blocks UV light, makeup and dirt in the air, while retaining the moisture that lasts throughout the whole day, compliment your makeup throughout the day.

What does Mori Beauty feature?

Developed by Eastern Natural Beauty, Taiwan's leading skincare brand, the products combines herb extracts with contemporary biotechnology, not only does the skincare selection is made for Asian women, Natural Beauty also developed a selection for  Eastern Universe Direct, the Mori Beauty.
Our features:
1. Products strictly examinated to ensure its safety and effectiveness.
2. Natural herbal ingredients only.
3. Free of ingredients that are harmful to skin.
4. No acids or irritative whitening ingredients.

Is there age restriction for Mori Beauty users?

Mori Beauty suits all skin types with no specific age restrictions. For users with special skin conditions, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist before using.

Can I use Mori Beauty after skin laser treatments?

You may return to Mori Beauty routine 3-7 days after the woundless treatments such as micro cosmetic surgery and laser treatment.

What's the usage amount for Mori Beauty products?

Moisturizing Cleansing Cream - apply a 10 dollar coin size amount
Moisturizing Cleanser - apply a 10 dollar coin size amount
Whitening Toning Extract - 2-3 pumps
Whitening Essence - 1-2 pumps
Whitening Cream Extract - take a soybean size using attached scoop
Whitening Under Base - take a soybean size using attached scoop
SPF30 Multi-Protective Sunscreen ★★★- 1.5-2 pumps
(You may adjust the volume according to your skin condition)

Why doesn't Moisturizing Cleansing Cream lather up? Will it properly cleanse my skin?

Mori Beauty Moisturizing Cleansing Cream has PH-balanced ingredients, herbal extracts that use natural enzyme to whiten and moisturize skin. It removes dirt and excess oil from skin surface, feeds skin hydration, keeps it whitened and clean, less irritated, leaving you skin feeling soothed and relaxed.

Are all Mori Beauty skincare products vegan? Can a vegetarian use it?

We adopt only natural herbal ingredients, no acid, no irritant, all products are mild yet effectively tone skin conditions. Mori Beauty is vegetarian friendly! 

Why is there some residue in Mori Beauty Polyphenols Essence Drink?

The white residues found in the drink is Resveratrol wrapped in special coating technology, it is a method to prevent Resveratrol from oxidization of heat, preserving its active agents. You may rest assured it is normal and edible. They are not harmful to human body and are safe to drink.

What is the difference between the company sold peptide products and those in the market?

Our EUD peptide collection uses a short peptide of unique sequence extracted from fermented NGM soybean via unique culture that has the functionality to precisely coordinate body balance and elevate defence capability. It excels other instant peptide supplement with higher effect and value.

What are the functions of EUD's peptide products?

This unique functional short peptide can be absorbed in shorter time, helps coordinate balance control center to adjust physical function, helps you to fall asleep, enhances body healing process, restores youth and energy for you to face new challenges everyday.

What does Magictides Plus feature? Who should I recommend this to?

As female ages, we rely more on the peptide which helps to coordinate body balance. Our body also need more calcium supplement. Magictides Plus works best for women's health. It restores the energy for females of 40 and above. 

What does Balantides feature? Who should I recommend this body function enhancer to?

Balantides obtains arginine and zinc that are essential to men on a daily basis, which supports growth and reproduction function. The supplement gradually adjusts and improve physical performance. Arginine also plays a catalyst of the production of nitric oxide (NO), which relieves pressure and brings back your energy.

Railance, Balantides and Magictides Plus, are they vegan? Or OVO-LACTO vegetarian?

All peptide products are made using vegan ingredients .

What are the capsules made with?

Though the cost is higher, we insist on using quality vegan capsule for Railance, Balantides and Magictides Plus. They are made with Hypromellose, pure water, and carrageenan. Hypromellose it is made from slash pine fiber.

Are these supplements safe for long-term intake? Do you have relevant examination report?

Made from selected NGM soybean, Raliance is extracted from natural fermentation methods, which provides promising results with just a small intake. No need to worry about residue accummulation in human body, please feel safe to enhance body function by regular intake. All nutritional supplement underwent strict inspection and the result can be found in the file attached.

What is the suggested amount for daily peptide products intake?

For enhanced results, it is recommended to take 1-2 capsules twice daily, for regular care, we recommend 1-2 capsules daily. 

If I purchased Railance, Magictides Plus and Balantides altogether. What's the suggested intake?

Railance gives fundamental care, which goes well for everyone; while Magictides Plus and Balantides are more focused as an enhancement supplement. It is recommended to best match the product to personal or family members' actual needs.

Is there any restriction for the supplement intake?

While peptide is essential as a body balancing supplement, extra cautions should be noted for the following users:
Children: peptide related products are not recommended for pre-school children, who are undergoing development period. For children seeking for specific supplement should be age of 6 or older.
People with Hypeluricemia (HUA): users with gout should take extra caution due to the purine contained in the product.
Female in particular condition: for women in pregnancy, breast-feeding, with uterine fibroids or fibroma should not take peptide related products.
If irritation or allergy reactions occur, discontinue use and consult a professional. 

I am under medical prescription/taking regularly nutrition supplement, is the peptide collection suitable for me? How should I take it?

Extracted from natural fermentation of soybean, our peptide collection can be easily absorbed and does not accummulate in your body. The supplement does not affect the function of medical prescribed drugs. They are supplements that enhance body fuctions, after prescription drugs, please leave a 30 minutes window before taking supplements.

I suffer from gastroesophageal reflux, can I take peptide supplements?

The short peptide of our collection can be easily absorbed  and does not affect the digestive system, instead, peptide repairs and offers protection. If you have sensitive digestion system, it is recommended to take Railance 10 minutes after meal to replenish body energy in a gentle way.

I followed the instruction to take the supplement, but there wasn't any effects that you emphasized?

Peptide enahances body balance control and body well-being. Functional peptide intake keeps the peptide working regularly and steadily. If you do not feel body function being enhanced, it simply means that your body has well kept its balance, and we recommend you to continue the supplement as strong backup defence for your health. Long-term intake would demonstrate stronger energy and better immune system compared to people of the same age.

If I suffer from uterine fibroids or neurofibromatosis, is peptide supplement suitable for me?

Women with such conditions may have more sensitive reaction to supplements, therefore we do not recommend for any peptide intake.

Wll I go through healing chrisis if I take peptide supplements?

Functional peptide may adjust body system, in the beginning, some users may experience the following symptoms: 
• Drowsiness after dinner (few may experience this during the afternoon)
• Skin redness or rash
If may pass after 2-4 weeks depending on personal situatin, and body funtion may enhance during this period. Don't be stressed if these reactions occur, if the above said reaction is stronger than expected, please lower your dosage to reduce symptoms. 

What is the intake direction for Mixed Fruit Enzymes?

Mix 30c.c. with 150c.c. drinking water (cold or warm, under 40℃)  for 1 to 2 times a day (cup gifted with product measures to 30c.c.), with meal or aftermeal.
Please finish once mixed, longer air contact may cause nutrient lost. 

Sometimes the product's thickness and texture differs, is it because of the fermentation?

The vegetable and fruit used in this drink are all natural, may differ in thickness and texture based on weather and harvest seasons, however, the healthy ingredient and its effectiveness would be affected in any way. 

Is it normal to have some residues in the Mixed Fruit Enzymes?

The product is made from natural fruit and vegetable fermentation, any residues is normal and do not affect the product quality. 

Why is there sugar added in Mixed Fruit Enzymes?

A special strain which needs sugar for its fermentation, therefore sugar is added for its fermentation process. 

Is Mixed Fruit Enzymes the same as vinegar?

Both are fermented products, may be mistaken as the same thing, but they have great differences:
(1) Vinegar may be produced from single or multiple ingredients, fermented from short time using single strain. It is sour, stimulative and has more water added in the manufacturing process. 
(2) The Enzymes is produced with many natural fruit and vegetables using multiple strains, went through longer fermentation process. It contains more healthy nutrients, also has better taste. No water was added. It helps with digestive system and adjust physical condition. 

What's the difference between enzyme and probiotics?

Enzyme is essential for adjust physical condition; whereas probiotics lives in the intestines, which maintain gastrointestinal function by changing the bacterial flora ecology. Enzyme cannot endure high temperture and may be ineffective under heat; probiotic also has it's periodical alterations, it is suggested to take supplements periodically to maintain a healthy body. 

Can people with sensitve digestive system drink enzyme?

If you have acid reflux, ulcer, or stomach gas, we suggest you drink this after meal; if your body is less sensitive, you can adjust to drink with empty stomach for metabolism enhancement. 

Can patient with diabetes drink enzyme?

People with diabetes (those who can control their blood sugar level / normal kidney function) can take enzyme. Please use as suggested
1/2 of suggested intake 
Mix with 10 time the water amount
4 times maximum daily. 

When is it better to drink Mixed Fruit Enzymes?

With meal or before meal. The result may be better before meal, because with an empty stomach, the digestive system would absorb the enzyme with no disruption from other food taken. If you have a sensitive digestive system, we suggest to take with meal to avoid stimulative results. 

Who should drink Mixed Fruit Enzymes?

1. People with irregular routines (people who drinks, smokes, sleeps late…etc.)
2. People with imbalanced diet
3. People experience fatigue, low of energy
4. Elderly
5. People with heavy stress from work
6. People who pays attention to everyday health

Is this vegetarian-friendly?

Our drink is made with natural fruit and vegetables, no spice, chive, onion, garlic added. 

Is Agility vegetarian?

The main ingredient is undenatured type II collagen, which is extraced from chicken cartilage, please evaluate if it is suitable for your vegetarian diet. 

What is the difference between undenatured collagen and denatured collagen?

Undenatured collage is extraced in low temperature with patent technology, which maintains the triple helix and imrpoves effectiveness. Other collagen products are mainly manufactured through high temperture and resolved with acid water, which is denatured collagen. The process would damage the structure and lower its effectiveness. 

What is the appropriate age to take Agility?

People from 30-35 would experience early deterioration, this would be a perfect time to start. Many would consider to take supplement when they feel the deterioration, but it would be too late. Take it before any symptoms for early preventions. Children has stronger self-repair system, and do not need to take this supplement. 

Can people who is taking other drugs take Agility to replace medication.

No supplement can replace medication, if you suffer from chronicle pain or inflammation, this would require prescription medication to reduce symptoms. Medication may reduce symptom but may not completely cure the disease, and may also burden your liver, we suggest daily supplement of Agility to better maintain your physical condition.

If I want to boost my agility, should I take more each day?

Due to the ingredient in this product has a daily effective dosage, please use base on suggested amount, no need to take additional dosage. 

Do I need to take calcium other than Agility?

Agility is for mobility and does not contain any calcium. 
Based on Ministry of Health and Welfare suggested calcium intake, adults should take 1000mg daily, if not taken from daily diet, then extra supplement may help to maintain healthy bones. 

Is Makuclear vegetarian?

Makuclear contains fish oil, and capsule is non-vegetarian, if deems suitable, it can be taken by vegetarian. 

What is a good age to start taking Makuclear?

Take one for childre from age 6 and above, for EPA and DHA supplement. The capsule is designed to bite open easily, so if won't be difficult to swallow for children. 

What is free form lutein? What is the difference from other products?

There are free form and ester form luteins. Ester is the traditional type and free form is a new type of lutein. 
Free form lutein has a smaller molecule, only half of the ester form size, can be absorbed easily.  

Are lutein and astaxanthin the same? Can I just take one of the above?

They are completely different nutrients which cannot be replaced by each other. Lutein is to protect and relieve, astaxanthin is for emergency repair for comfort. 

Is astaxanthin extracted from prawns? Can people with prawn allergies eat this?

Astaxanthin is extracted from algae, not from prawns. Scientists first discovered this on a lobster shell, which resulted with the word prawn in its Chinese name. 
Makuclear is made with astaxanthin from haematococcus pluvialis of Iceland, which is pure and pollution-free, anyone with prawn or crab allergy may consume this product. 

Who would need Makuclear?

Students, office workers, heavy electronic users, and seniors need it to amp up protection. Makuclear's 9 major eye care formula would comfort your eyes after consumption. 

What does Pumpwell do for my health?

Your body may consume high calories, sugar and fat, in the long run, it is too much for your body. Also with irregular routine, stress, and other factors, your health may deterior before you notice it. 
Pumpwell's formula will help with your circulation, strengthen your pump and help to maintain a healthier body. 

Pumpwell contains krill oil, can people who are allergic to prawns consume this?

Normally the shellfish allergy comes from the shellfish flesh, Pumpwell's ingredient is of its fat, which may not induce allergic reactions. However, to stay on the safe side, we would strongly suggest you evaluate before taking, in case of allergic reactions. 

Does Pumpwell use Ubiquinone or Ubiquinol?

Pumpwell is "Ubiquinol" which does not need transition for human body to absorb. The effect is 3 times better than the Ubiquinone.

Is the Q10 in Pumpwell natural?

Yes, the Q10 Pumpwell contains is manufactured with the safest yeast. 

For those who are under medication, can Pumpwell replace it?

Pumpwell is a dietary supplement and cannot replace any medication. For any medication adjustment, please follow you physician's instruction. 

Are there any precautions for taking Pumpwell?

Pumpwell contains fermented soybean extract (containing nattokinase)red yeast rice extract, Coenzyme Q10, should not be taken with: antihyperlipidemic drugs, grapefruit (juice), nicotinic acid supplement, anti-fungal agents, erythromycin antibiotics. 

Can vegetarians take Pumpwell?

The main ingredient contains fish and krill oil, we suggest vegetarians consume if deemed appropriate. 

Is collagen intake reallly helpful for my skin?

Your entire body can make use of collagen, that includes the skin. Large amount of papers prove that collagen intake can improve skin conditions. 

How much is it enough?

An adult can consume about 3000mg of collagen, therefore, the suggested amount is 5000mg per day to maintain your skin healthy. 

Can vegetarians take Beauty Drink?

The main ingredient of the collagen is from fish, also perch extract and caviar, we suggest vegetarians consume base on your own consideration. 

Are there vegetarian collagen?

Collage can be found on animals only, plants only have colloid, which is completely different from collagen. It is water-solluble fiber. 

When is the best time to drink this product?

Beauty Drink is a dietary supplement that can be consumed any time of the day. For best results, we suggest drinking before sleep or before meals. 

Why is there an astringent aftertaste?

Mori Beauty Polyphenals Essense Drink has highly concentrated resveratrol and polyphenols. Polyphenols is something plants created to protect itself from outside harm, the bitter astringent tast is the protection mechanism from the plants. 

Why is there some residues in the drink?

The drink is made from natural ingredients, it is normal to see some residues, this does not affect the product quality. 

Is this vegetarian?

Our drink is made with plant based ingredients, it is vegetarian-friendly.

Can vegetarians take Probiotics?

OVO-LACTO vegetarian may take this product. 

How many strains does each packet contain? What is the probiotic count?

Each pack provides 15 strains and 30 billion active probiotics. Taiwan Association for Lactic Acid Bacteria suggest that daily dosage should be above 10 billion to maintain a healthy bacterial flora ecology and maintain healthy digestive system.

How does the Probiotics work in the intestines?

Average sold probiotic drink doesn't have the patent technology we have, which leaves probiotics damaged before absorbed. Our product's patent technology protects the surviving rate, helps them to reach the intestines for best results. 

When is it the best time to take Probiotics?

Thanks to our patent technology, it can be taken before or with meal, we suggest to take it with 200-300ml of warm water. 

How many packets should I take per day?

We suggest 1 packet daily for average maintenance, for enhanced results, 2 packets per day. 

How to preserve Probiotics? Do I have to finish it once opened?

To make sure the activeness of the probiotics, it should be stored in a dry and cool place, and consumed right after opened. 

Can children take this?

Children above 3 and under 6 is suggested to take 1/2 packet per day.

If past expiration date, can I still take it?

The expiration date is based on unopened product, once opened, please consume as soon as possible. Please don't open the product and assume it can be consumed slowly, it is a misconception. 
If past expiration date, please discontinue use. Some may this the product may not be expired and keep consumption, but if past expiration date, below 80% of the product is effective, the 20% that has expired (or gone bad) could be a burden to your body and be bad for your health. 
Also, if you just don't want the product to go to waste, isn't it worse to have you body consume something harmful to your health?

Is it important of where I store the product?

It is essential. Light and heat both would shorten the shelf life of supplements. Sunlight will expedite oxidation. If you place supplements under sunlight or high temperture, it may go bad within a day. Humidity would also damage the products. These changes may not be apparent to the human eye. Therefore, all dietary supplements should be placed at a cool, dry place without sunlight.  

Can I store the supplements in the fridge?

Unless specific requirement, there's no need to store in the fridge. Place at suggested storage palce would suffice.