How to join to become Social Network Marketing (SNM) intern shop owner?

Upon receiving the link to Social Network Marketing, you may join with the recommendation of the shop owner who shared the link with you.

I did not receive any Social Network Marketing link. How can I join?

Please call the Eastern Universe Direct service number at 0800-013-557, a dedicated service agent will assist you.

Does being a "franchise shop owner of Eastern Universe Direct" means being " a shop owner of Social Network Marketing"?

If you have registered as a member of ETMall and the member data (mobile number) corresponds to your "Eastern Universe Direct" registration, you may start using Social Network Marketing after the connection process is completed.

Can a married couple join together as intern shop owners?

Yes. An intern shop owner does not own formal management right as a franchise does. However according to operation rules stated in operation brochure, when a couple owns the same management right and wishes to apply formal franchise, only one of the two can apply for the franchise, while the other one remains as intern shop owner.

I am a franchise shop owner, why aren't the PV values shown on my ETMall APP?

Make sure that you have completed ETMall member registration, and that the APP is up-to-date; next, align the mobile phone number of ETMall member with that of Eastern Universe Direct. 
The PV value will apear once the contact number aligned; if the data doesn't match, contact EUD customer service for further assistance,  there will be dedicated service agent to assist you.

Do my friends (not a shop owner) have to purchase through my profit-sharing links so that I can get the PV from their purchase? Can a shop owner check his/hers friends' shopping cart before the transaction is completed?

The profit-sharing PV from orders that have completed payment will be counted into shop owner's report when the order (not exclusive to the items of the link) is completed within 72 hours from a profit-sharing link the shop owner generated by clicking "I want to sell".
If a friend of yours simply adds items to the cart without completing the payment, according to Personal Information Protection Act, a formal shop owner can't view what's inside the cart.

Are items purchased through TV channel and MOD counted into my Social Network Marketing PV?

No. PV is counted only when the purchase is made through the links on ETMall/ APP by clicking“I want to Buy/Sell”. PV can only be counted by orders placed through the profit-sharing links with completed payment.

Can I change mobile number after it is connected with the Social Network Marketing account?

After a mobile number is connected to SNM, it cannot be changed. To make changes please contact Eastern Universe Direct customer service at 0800-013-557, there will be dedicated service agent to assist you.

How is Social Network Marketing account connected? How long does the process take?

Once you complete ETMall member registration and become EUD shop owner with name and mobile number matching both registration, it takes 3-5 working days to complete the process. 
If you already are an intern shop owner of EUD and have matching name/mobile number, the reconnect procedure will be completed the next working day of the day you join EUD as formal shop owner.
Formal Shop Owner: Distributors that have paid EUD membership fee.
Intern Shop Owner: Those who joined only through the "Social Network Marketing QR code" shared by EUD shop owners/or by entering shop owner's mobile number at ETMall "New Network Social Network Marketing" to become Social Network Marketing shop owners.

If I buy something through Social Network Marketing, does it count as my re-purchase? If a friend made a purchase via my Social Network Marketing link, does it count as my re-purchase?

For a PV generated under a purchase order made by general public through your profit-sharing link, 50% of it, when written into payment report, would be counted Social Network Marketing promotion bonus, the other half would be counted as your re-purchase goal, PV exceeding your goal would be counted into the smaller team.
For PV generated under the profit-sharing links by your recommended intern shop owner, when written into payment report, 50% of it would be listed Social Network Marketing promotion bonus for the intern, a half of the other 50% goes to you as Social Network Marketing promotion bonus, 25% listed as  your re-purchase goal, PV exceeding your goal would be counted into smaller team.

Where can I view PV records contributed by other buyers through my shared links ?

When SNM payment is made, you can view the PV report from the EUD's "Bonus Inquiry"page.

Why is there difference between the PV shown in the unpaid report after a paid purchase on ETMall, and that shown on the original order page?

The PV of an item of which the price under employee discount or is purchased by a contracted buyer, would be re-calculated when logging into unpaid report. For payment made using redeem coupon/voucher/ET dollars offered by ETMall, the PV calculation is not affected.

What if I forgot my ETMall member password?

Please contact ETMall customer service line 0800-057-999, and there will be dedicated service agent to assist you.

Why is my ETMall purchase is canceled for no reason?

Online credit card payment authorization is restricted to the credit cardholder. When ETMall risk management team cross-checks with bank and finds a payment that is not made by the cardholder, the purchase and payment authorization would be canceled.

Is there a return/exchange policy for items purchased on Strawberrynet?

Please read the shopping terms of cross-platform e-shopping service carefully, as it may differs from those from Taiwan. Read the relevant terms and conditions of Strawberrynet before you start any purchase to protect your own right.

How does an intern shop owner collect her/his bonus?

You must log in EUDAPP or subnetwork to enter your personal information, complete and upload the application form, ID card copy and bankbook copy. Post the original copy of application form with your signature, name, ID card copy, and bankbook copy to us. The bonus will be issued based on your Social Network Marketing orders, that transfered to Eastern Tenmax bonus calculation period to your personal bank account. For delayed intern application document and those who fail to submit before the end of calculation period during the joining week, the bonus will be held until complete documentation is received.

When will the Social Network Marketing management fee TWD500 be charged?

At the moment in our promotion period, the management fee is waived. When the management fee is about to be charged, a notification will be sent to you as member message, along with the payment method. Those who fail to make the payment will not be able to use the Social Network Marketing sharing link. The system will not automatically deduct the fee from your account.